Moscow’s starting to shift blame.

As the Ukrainians gain even more traction after blasting the bridge in Crimea, Russia’s looking for ways to point fingers at anyone other than their supreme leader, Vladimir Putin.

In a rare public announcement, the Russian Defense Ministry said they will remove the general responsible for the “logistics and support of the Armed Forces,” Dmitry Bulgakov. As his replacement, they are appointing Col. Gen. Mikhail Mizintsev. This is the first time, though, that they very openly disclosed personnel changes to the public.

Back in April, Russian Ground Forces were led was Gen. Alexander Dvornikov, a general who’s been in the military for 44 years and was known as a good tactician who led campaigns in Syria and Chechnya. Dvornikov only lasted seven weeks. Then, there was Col. Gen. Andrey Serdyukov, who also has four decades in his belt. Serdyukov led the elite airborne troops but was quickly replaced after most airborne divisions suffered significant losses.

This is one of the ways Moscow politicians are showing Russian citizens that the failure for the past months falls squarely on the generals on the field. It is challenging to pinpoint who is actually leading the Russian forces. Unlike in Ukraine, we all know the “Iron General” Valerii Zaluzhnyi who is revered by the locals and by international military analysts.