After months of fighting in Ukraine’s second-largest city, Russian troops were soundly defeated and reported to be retreating from Kharkiv in what is seen to be another significant victory for the Ukrainians. Kharkiv, which is just 50 miles from Belgorod in Russia, is one of the most heavily bombed areas in Ukraine, following the southern city of Mariupol.

In the village of Ruska Lozova, Kharkiv, the Ukrainian Territorial Defense, the national guard, and the Ukrainian army were trying to push the Russians back to the border. It was recently liberated last April, a significant development at that time as it remained vital to the Ukrainian defense. Fierce fighting had been going on in Kharkiv, with each side trying to target each other’s artillery, tanks, and other military installations so troops could advance forward. It seems that the Ukrainians have won this decisive battle, which may signal the Russians to rethink their decisions about this invasion as they continue to struggle on the battlefield.