After five weeks of a relatively safe atmosphere in Ukraine’s capital city of Kyiv, Russia has launched strikes in the capital city, apparently targeting Western-donated tanks in an apparent move to show that it still has striking capabilities well within Ukrainian soil.

Fighting has largely been focused in the east in Severodonetsk and in the south, where Ukrainians are trying to liberate the southern port city of Kherson. Russia, partly being annoyed by all the support Ukraine is getting from its western allies, decided it was a good idea to take out some of these western-donated tanks.

This attack comes after Russian President Vladimir Putin had warned Kyiv that it would destroy any Western deliveries of long-range rocket systems to Ukraine after the US announced that it would be donating $700 million worth of military equipment, which include four M142 HIMARS to Ukraine along with five counter-artillery radars, two air surveillance radars, 1,000 Javelins, 6,000 anti-armor weapons, four Mi-17 helicopters, and some 15,000 15mm artillery rounds.