In a highly anticipated and widely publicized move, Vladimir Putin’s forces deployed Russia’s advanced T-14 “Armata” main battle tanks (MBTs) in Ukraine—only to be subsequently withdrawn after a brief run.

The T-14 Armata had been touted as a game-changing development in mechanized warfare, with its high-tech specifications and unmanned turret. However, the tank’s deployment faced technical problems, delays, and concerns over its reliability, raising questions about its true capabilities and Russia’s military readiness.

T-14: The Deployment and Withdrawal

According to the state news agency TASS, armored forces from Russia’s southern military district (SMD) were given T-14 Armata tanks for combat operations in Ukraine. While this marked Moscow’s first official confirmation of their use in the conflict, the exact location and duration of the deployment were not specified. The tank saw action on the frontline as several units participated in battles to test its performance. However, the promising Russian tanks were withdrawn from the front line shortly after deployment.

“Members of [battlegroup] South actively used Armata in combat. Several vehicles participated in combat to see how the tank will perform. After that, they were withdrawn from the frontline,” TASS reported, citing an unnamed military source.