So, here’s the deal – tensions between Russia and Ukraine are hitting the roof, and it’s not looking good.

Norway’s intel folks are waving red flags, shouting that Russia’s got the upper hand now.

The Kremlin’s been flexing with more troops and a ton of military support from buddies like China, North Korea, and a bunch of others.

Time for the West to step in, gear up, and stop this mess before it blows up even more.

Insights from Norway’s Military Intel

Nils Andreas Stensones, the head honcho at Norway’s military intel unit, is dropping truth bombs.

Russia’s been beefing up its military game over the past year, and now they can roll in about three times the number of troops Ukraine can throw on the field.

It’s like bringing a tank to a slingshot fight.

Plus, Russia’s bypassing sanctions like a pro and cranking out military gear on home turf, making them the kings of the conflict.