A surge of false information spread online amid the boiling tension between the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DR Congo) and Rwanda. The violence sparked sometime between late April to early July as the rebel group known as M23 (March 23 Movement, also known as the Congolese Revolutionary Army) began attacking the Congolese Army.

#RwandaIsKilling: Adding More Fuel To Fire

In the shadows of the ensuing violence comes the hashtag #RwandaIsKilling, which began trending on social media networks in late July due to its graphic images and footage allegedly depicting Rwanda waging war in the eastern DRC.

The Observes had taken a closer look into this trend and discovered that posts under the hashtag seemed to fuel divisions and hatred between the neighboring countries using misinformation.

Dandjes Luyila, a journalist for AfricaNews and CongoCheck, examined one post that seemingly depicts Congolese students being massacred by Rwanda.

“The video shows people lying on the floor in a room that look like either a classroom or a church,” he explained. “The person who published the video made sure to add text that ‘Congolese students in Rwanda are being killed.’ Using a number of verification method, we learned that the video had nothing to do with the DRC.”