Taking a friend or family member to the range for the first time? Shooting out-of-town and forget your ear and eye protection? Are you building a range bag? If any of these situations apply, or about a million more, the Safariland Range Kit is for you. The Safariland range kit is a mixture of personal protection equipment made for shooting any and all types of guns in any environment.

Safariland Range Kit – Breakdown

The kit is made up of three different items, a pair of clear shooting glasses, a large pair of earmuffs, and a small pair of in ear protection. This small kit is designed to provide shooters with whatever they need when they go to sling some lead. This kit would have been absolutely perfect for Shot Show’s industry and private range days. The complete kit includes all the necessary gear for a safe range experience.

Safariland Range Kit | Mini Review

It’s also all quality gear and comfortable gear. I wasn’t expecting much, so I was surprised at the high quality, but simplicity of the system. The glasses are remarkably clear and are made with HD poly carbonate lenses. There are solid, and not the disposable 99 cent style ‘safety’ glasses.