Saudi Arabia has made no secret that they intend to do whatever they must to protect their people in the event that Iran obtains full nuclear capabilities. However, while they would not outright admit their own pursuit of nukes, it is apparent that they would have no choice but to go that route.

The source explains that Obama has made it possible for Iran to be free to pursue their obvious nuclear ambitions (in 2030), so should Saudi Arabia begin to make preparations for what will be the inevitable? It would be in their best interests, but it would be a long-shot for it to be sanctioned. The source correctly points out that North Korea is a perfect example of a “diseased regime” that can be shielded by nuclear capabilities. Surely the belligerent government of Iran would fit that mold, although their geographic region makes them a much more dangerous threat.

An editorial in a pro-Saudi government newspaper as well as the words of Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister suggest that the Sunni kingdom may be considering aiming to develop a nuclear capability timed to coincide with the expiration of the international nuclear deal with Saudi Arabia’s archrival Iran.

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir gave an interview to Reuters Tuesday, during which he avoided ruling out the possibility that the Saudis could pursue developing a nuclear bomb.