A Tax Service company has reportedly been scamming Navy veterans.

Located just outside the gates of the San Diego Naval Base, the “Go Navy Tax Services” had been reaching out to veterans for the past year with the promise of helping them with their finances and taxes. No catches…everything is free!

Many have seen sailors and veterans come into the office filled with Navy flags and memorabilia, so most would leave any suspicions they had at the door. They were then invited to their “free tax preparation” seminar, where they would get to meet their “certified accountants.” Okay, so that sounds legit too, what happens is the accountants would push (most of the time, forcefully) for retirees to open accounts with them. During the process, veterans were also asked for personal information via their forms and would even ask them to sign paperwork (that was not fully explained to them).

This is the scam that Paul Flanagan and his associates run at this establishment.