Experienced military pilots don’t even have to think when speaking on the radio to controllers. It is just second nature and seems to happen on its own with no issues.

For a beginning pilot talking on the radio can be one of the biggest fears they encounter in flying. For some reason, the mere thought of sounding stupid or making a mistake on the radio can literally cause paralysis in many new pilots!

Smitty Smith from FunPlacesToFly.com just published an awesome video about talking on the radio called “Control Towers – Conquering My Fear of the Radio.” Not only is it fun and entertaining to watch it has some beautiful scenery footage that is worth the time to see.

Smitty states, “I love to fly, but talking on the radio at a busy, tower controlled airport has always been a phobia for me. Today, I am out to conquer that fear. Join me as I fumble on the radio and begin the learning process.””

For the low time pilot just remember that controllers are people too so don’t be afraid when you speak to them. They are there to help you and keep you safe!

Don’t try to sound ‘cool’. Just speak to the controller in plain and simple language that is clear and concise. If you are ever unsure about what a controller asked you to do then always ask them to repeat what they said until you are totally clear on the instructions.

Remember though that you are in command of your aircraft. It is possible that a controller could give you bad information or instructions that lead to an unsafe situation. You are responsible for the safe operation of your aircraft not the controller sitting in a chair on the ground.