Keeping clean while on the move whether on a deployment, travelling for business or stalking game is always a logistical consideration.  You can pack more clothes, you can be O.K with stinking like a primate OR you can check out portable wash devices such as Scrubba’s Tactical Washbag.

Combining a polyether bag with a flexible built-in washboard, the Scrubba Washbag advertises the ability to wash a small load of clothes in 3-5 minutes using between .5 and 1.5 gallons of water.  In a six-step process, the Scrubba Tactical Washbag offers you the option of packing less clothes, so long as you have some time and some water.  Weighing in at only 5.3 oz, this shouldn’t be much of a burden at all for your camp kit.

Scrubba Tactical Washbag | Quick Look
Scrubbing nodules visible

Those aforementioned six steps?

  1. Fill the bag with clothes, a dash of detergent and water
  2. Roll the top of the bag down and clip it shut
  3. Press on the bag to deflate it.  The air goes out a one-way valve, leaving just clothes and water
  4. Rub!  Scrub the clothes against the internal washboard for up to three minutes
  5. Dump the dirty water out, rinse your clothes
  6. Dry your clothes with a towel or by hanging them in the sun.

Should be easy, right?  I’m heading out antelope hunting this weekend in eastern Oregon during a triple-digit heat wave.  Should be an excellent opportunity to get the old Ranger Panties nice and ripe.  This is advertised as a “machine quality wash”, which if true will be a big bonus for the man on the move.  Even further than that, using it for family camping when the kids need another fresh set of clothes is something I can see happening.  I’ll let you know how the Scrubba Tactical bag works once I’ve run it through the ringer!  Pun very much intended.