“I promise, the size doesn’t matter, babe.” She says to me in that sweet, almost undetectable Canadian accent as we pack our vehicle

“Of course you say that now, but just wait, I promise you will like this smaller one better. You won’t have to cram it in like the one you’re used to.”

Over the past few months she had become accustomed to handling a massive heavy black skillet and I just wasn’t packing that much. What I had known for years, she quickly became aware of the first time she used it. In the same spot that that bulky black cast iron skillet used to sit, she easily removed the Sea to Summit X-Pot, two X-bowls, and two X-mugs from the back compartment of our old Dodge van which we have been living in while traveling from Alaska to southern South America. Space is a premium when two adults with five hobbies each occupy 38 square feet of luxury. Our kitchen area pulls out from the back and makes up four of those thirty eight square feet.

Sea to Summit: Size Does Matter

My initial thought in pitching the skillet, large pot and mid size pan in favor of the collapsable silicon alternative was solely for the sake of saving space. However, I learned quickly that Sea to Summit gear tend to have myriad of features beyond their evident space saving attributes.

“Ohh look at this!” She said excitedly, pointing out the cleverly attenuated measuring cup marks on the inside of the X-cups. “I can measure out the paasta.”

“The what?”

“The paasta.”