In a last-minute upset, lawyers on Thursday postponed what was to be the world’s first glimpse of a prized war-on-terror prisoner known as Abu Zubaydah, who the CIA once concluded should be kept incommunicado the rest of his life.

Abu Zubaydah, 45, whose real name is Zayn al Abideen al-Hussein, made it all the way to the war court door but never stepped inside to testify about conditions in Guantánamo’s clandestine Camp 7. His Navy lawyer announced in court that he would object to any questions that could incriminate his client, prompting lawyers to postpone the testimony until July at the earliest.

The upset came hours after another former CIA Black Site captive appeared at a hearing in the Sept. 11 case on a very narrow issue: to vouch for 9/11 defendant Ramzi bin al Shibh’s account of intentional noises and vibrations at Camp 7. The government denies it happened but another former CIA prisoner, Hassan Guleed of Somalia, said he hears and feels it also — and smells something strange, too.

Guleed, 43, said it began in 2009, three years after he got there, but he gave up complaining years ago. It happens “every day, every minute, every hour, every year,” he testified without the benefit of an attorney. On cross-examination, Sept. 11 case prosecutor Ed Ryan leveled a series of allegations against Guleed, which he denied.

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Featured Image – This Miami Herald file photo shows the view just outside the war court door at Camp Justice where, according to court cross-talk, Abu Zubaydah was standing on June 2, 2016 before his testimony was postponed. The U.S. military at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, approved this photo for release. CAROL ROSENBERG [email protected]Miami Herald