So, you’ve volunteered to be in Special Forces and you’re getting ready to go to SFAS. This is the time to prepare yourself for the grind that is to come. There are certain tips, such as the PT program which will help you attain the level of physical fitness that you’ll need to not just pass the course but to excel where the course isn’t as tough as you’ll see other people struggling.

In the first two segments, we talked about the fitting of your boots, socks and dealing with hotspots and blisters. Taking care of your feet is paramount in Special Forces and once you get it down, everything will be a little less hard.

Now, we get to the elephant in the room, the Land Navigation course and many students fail at either SFAS or the SFQC because they failed the land navigation course. The course is tough, it is the toughest individual land navigation course you’ll find in the US military.

But the course if far from impassable, thousands of soldiers have passed it and thousands more will continue to get a first time go….the magic word everyone wants to hear. It just takes some hard work, patience and the ability to keep a cool head once you experience the draws and lack of terrain features in lovely Hoffman, NC.