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So, you’ve volunteered to be in Special Forces and you’re getting ready to go to SFAS. This is the time to prepare yourself for the grind that is to come. There are certain tips, such as the PT program which will help you attain the level of physical fitness that you’ll need to not just pass the course but to excel where the course isn’t as tough as you’ll see other people struggling.

In the last segment, we talked about getting your boots fitted correctly, ensuring your socks are placed properly and toughening up your feet for the many miles which are to come to prevent blisters.

Well, now we deal with the unfortunate and very case of what happens despite your best intentions. Everyone at one time or another is going to get either hotspots or blisters and probably both. During your train-up prior to selection is the best time to get those and learn how to prevent them in the future.