I came across some information regarding a Special Forces unit that was part of the attempted hostage rescue of Americans during Eagle Claw in 1980. We now all know what transpired at Desert One — due in large part to the very successful new movie Argo — and the role that Delta was to play in the rescue of the hostages. Most are also very familiar with the joint CIA/Canadian rescue operation of the six American diplomats who were hiding out in the Canadian embassy (aka “The Canadian Caper”).

Well, I started digging about and asking around regarding Operation Eagle Claw. Finally, somebody referred a gentleman to me to speak with regarding the operation and specifically the SF’s role in all this.

The gentleman I connected with was on the ground in Iran as part of the Delta rescue force. He was in one of the first batches of members into the unit and considered a plank owner. He also played a huge part in creating the selection process for operators of the newly formed Intelligence Support Activity as well as a pioneer in the establishment of Special Force’s CRF teams and training. As he is still somebody who is contributing to the good fight, I will not mention his name, but he has been definitely vetted.

I specifically asked him about the rumored SF role during Rice Bowl, for which extensive google-fu research had left me with very little information — he specifically corrected me to let me know that the operation’s true name was “Rice Bowl.” It turns out that aside from the remaining 52 hostages in the American embassy, there were three other American individuals who were being kept safe (but against their will) from the Iranian students by the Iranian government itself.