You have seen hundreds of holsters and the word modular is becoming the new “tactical” but bear with me for a paragraph. I have a drawer full of holsters, some I use a lot and some never. I am going to empty that drawer because  the ShapeShift modular holster system is real and there is more to it than you might think, All those  pictures above are the SAME holster. They don’t do it justice, change a few parts and you have not only different holsters, but very good tremendously adjustable holsters. It transitions in seconds, without the use of tools.
The ShapeShift starter kit is a box of parts which will allow you to carry your holster in the following configurations: IWB Concealed Carry Holster Appendix IWB Concealed Holster Belt Slide OWB CCW Holster OWB Paddle Holster. Right now they are shipping a FREE Holster Mount and hardware to mount your holster to a car or other base. All for  $99 and change.

As you change clothes and seasons, your carry methods change. Going to a school? Need a thumb break? Want to mount a holster in your car or on your desk? One kit does all of this and more. I have had other holsters which were adjustable. There has never been anything like the tool free ease of change brought by ShapeShift. The video does a great job of showing how things go together.

I opened the box and started trying to put things together. There are some odd things that I had to get my head around, like the half holster. To make this belt slide holster, you split your shell in half, easy to do, slides apart with to closures and no tools.

You put a trigger guard on your half shell and the attach it to the base. Attach the parts for the attachment system you want and you have what you need. Because you only use half the shell, the holster is as thin as it can be, but comfortable and secure because of the base and trigger guard.


Put it on the base and it looks like this.