There’s been a few videos circulating around the internet containing individuals, often with their families with them, attacked by armed personnel while in their vehicles. Such as the following video.

I’m not sure as to why this has become a “trend” among criminals, but I could only think that they decide to attack the innocent at this time due to the fact it’s the least expected place one could think of being attacked. Possibly, it’s due to the adversary thinking they have an advantage due to being able to maneuver while the targeted individual is confined to such a small space. Nonetheless, I thought I would write an article that will hopefully spark a few minds in case you find yourself defending from a vehicle. There is no such thing as, “I will never have to” ….when it comes to a gunfight.

Luckily, I’ve never been in this scenario in a real life or death situation! Before deploying to Iraq as a private military contractor, one of our blocks of instruction did include teaching us to fight and defend from a vehicle. The primary response to an attack while in a vehicle should be to drive through the contact. Nothing sucks more than being pinned down in a confined space with limited maneuverability. If the primary cannot be accomplished, the secondary response would be to simply fight.