Ding Ding Ding! that noise is about the most satisfactory sounding noise in the world. Especially when I’m up to 50 yards away and hearing that ding as I put round after round onto my Shoot Steel 20 inch classic popper. Before Shot Show in January I had never shot steel and never realized just how fun it was. Shoot Steel, ShootSteel.com, was happy to provide some targets for review. The first being the 20 inch classic popper.

This is a simple reactive target designed for handguns. It’s a 14 inch or AR500 steel and comes complete with a stake system and a simple spring system to make the target react. Assembly is simple and can be done in about ten minutes. The steel base is two sharpened stakes that can be simply beat into the ground via hammer. Because it’s a steel target it needs to be installed at a downward angle and you need to be at least ten yards from the target.