Ding Ding Ding! that noise is about the most satisfactory sounding noise in the world. Especially when I’m up to 50 yards away and hearing that ding as I put round after round onto my Shoot Steel 20 inch classic popper. Before Shot Show in January I had never shot steel and never realized just how fun it was. Shoot Steel, ShootSteel.com, was happy to provide some targets for review. The first being the 20 inch classic popper.

This is a simple reactive target designed for handguns. It’s a 14 inch or AR500 steel and comes complete with a stake system and a simple spring system to make the target react. Assembly is simple and can be done in about ten minutes. The steel base is two sharpened stakes that can be simply beat into the ground via hammer. Because it’s a steel target it needs to be installed at a downward angle and you need to be at least ten yards from the target.


The Popper

What’s awesome s I’ve put about 600 rounds of 9mm, and 45 ACP into this target and it has shown no signs of damage or wear. Shot after shot it bounces slightly backward, sends rounds into the dirt and springs back into action. I’ve shot the target with 9mm rifles like the Scorpion carbine, and Kel tec Sub 2k.

Rear Spring System

I haven’t even attempted to count the number of 22 LR rounds I’ve sent into this target. It’s also be a target of choice for money when teaching them how to shoot. I actually see this as a major benefit when it comes to teaching new shooters. The worse thing a new shooter can get is Bull’s Eye syndrome. Bull’s Eye syndrome happens when a new shooter is obsessed with hitting the bull’s eye on the target. Often new shooters need to focus on just getting on target, and not on the bull’s eye.


With the popper the entire target is a bull’s eye and every DING, helps a new shooter build confidence and avoid stress and frustration. It’s also easier to teach shooters to not drop their gun to see where they hit on target. That audible ding is all they need to hear to know they hit the target.

In Mid “DING”

Ding, Ding, Ding,

I never thought a target would make such a difference when it comes to testing firearms. I’ve taken two different handguns out to fifty yards to test their accuracy and my own shooting skills. If I was just shooting a paper target I’d have to stop, walk, check the target, and walk back to the 50 yard line. Instead I could aim, get on target, and pull the trigger. If I don’t hear a ding I know I’ve missed.

Overall I’m pretty pleased with the 20 inch static popper from Shoot Steel. It’s a good sized target, is easy to assemble and install, and is tough as nails. I’d imagine it is going to be part of my range for a very long time.

5 Reasons to Shoot Steel from ShootSteel.com

  • Instant Feedback (Love the DING)
  • Great for New Shooters
  • It can be used over and over and over
  • Affordable, quick shipping, and great customer service
  • It will inspire you to train at longer ranges.