CMC Triggers is making a brilliant new trigger for Glock pistols. CMC has downsized the patented “Signature Flat” trigger design they perfected for the AR to fit the Glock pistol. The magic is in the geometry.

The package is attractive. The trigger is CNC machined steel with a steel safety tab. The CMC GLOCK trigger utilizes OEM parts and springs except for their trigger so the parts just drop in with no assembly required. Installation is very straight forward, drive out the two pins, remove the factory GLOCK trigger assembly, drop in the CMC parts and replace the pins.

After assembly, I tested the safety features, all three drop safeties remain functional.

After 10 minutes of installation, I was off to the range. I found the trigger pull to be very consistent and smooth. There is a clean take up with a very smooth break. To me, the smoothness of the break is more important than the weight. This trigger is not exceptionally light, but the geometry of the straight trigger gives you better leverage improving the feel all the way through. Reset is crisp and feels shorter because, again, new geometry.

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The flat surface and the horizontal extension of the trigger’s base let your finger feel a consistent position.  I have always struggled with finger placement. A correct and consistent trigger press is made easier by the flat trigger. If you drag your finger on the trigger guard, the horizontal extension cleans that up too.

The CMC trigger provides a bold and unique look. Functionally, you get a better trigger feel and trigger press without any compromise of GLOCK’s safety and reliability.

I have been training with this trigger and attended a Personal Defense Network class with it. After over a thousand rounds, I like it even better than my initial impressions.  The flat trigger is not for everyone, the feel is unique but it puts your finger in the right place and shoots fast and slick. If you like CMC flat AR triggers, you will love their Glock triggers.

CMC Glock triggers are available in two versions,the Gen 1 – 3 and the Gen 4 in 9mm and .40 S&W. You can get your very own CMC Glock trigger at for $185.75

This article is courtesy of The Loadout Room.