The single most important factor in precision shooting is consistency. The best way to develop consistency is repetition. If you don’t own an indoor range or live in the desert, how are you going to get your repetition? How can you shoot every day?

The answer is the Next Level Training Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger (SIRT) Training Pistol.

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I have been training with mine for a year now. I have fired it tens of thousands of times. It has helped my presentation from the holster, pointing, magazine changes and multiple target engagement. I have used it teaching and it is a great tool. I can demonstrate and point in any direction without violating safety rules. The students can see my hits without live fire.

In teaching weapons retention and defensive tactics, it can show close shooting without projectiles.SIRT Pistols are replica guns that emit a laser when the auto resetting trigger is touched and when it breaks. They look and feel like a full size Glock. Unlike a real Glock, you don’t have work the slide to cock the striker before each dry fire shot.

The 110 models emulate the key functional features of a Glock 17/22. The 107 Models emulate the functional features of the Smith&Wesson M&P. Coming soon; a pocket pistol sized SIRT.

Mike Hughes

If you watched Top Shot season 3, you know Mike Hughes. Before he was a TV star, he was an engineer who founded Next Level Training. NLT introduced its stand alone dry fire training pistol – the SIRTTM (Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger), at Shot Show 2011. We are just beginning to see the effects on the way 21st century shooters train with its new dry fire training products.

Ninety-nine percent of the problems I see with shooters (and my shooting) are trigger manipulation issues. We can sum up the entirety of shooting knowledge with this: If you put the sights on the target and manipulate the trigger without moving the sights, the immutable laws of physics require the bullet to hit the target. This is simple, but it is not easy.