Previously we gave you an tabletop look at Smith & Wesson’s new M&P M2.0 Compact in 9mm.  The latest offering updates the M&P line not only cosmetically, but also in features.  Now it’s time to hit the range and see how the Compact performs.  In the video below you’ll see our standard full-mag +1, multi-load test, and a five-shot group from seven yards to help formulate the opinions of two reviewers.  Yours truly, as the crusty ol’ gun-nut and Erika who couldn’t care less about brands, just likes what works for her.

We were interested in three main changes to the M&P line introduced in the new M2.0 models:

Hello Spikey! Gone are the days of slick grips, but is this too much?
Practical front serrations or decoration?
The trigger. Is it really better?

Ammunition used for the full-mag +1 was Freedom munitions 115gr, for groupings Nosler 115gr Match. Multi-Load test rounds include: