Before I start my review of the SIG 556R I want to do a short review of SIG’s customer service. I purchased this rifle heavily discounted because of issues with failing to extract and failing to eject. I knew off the bat I’d be sending it to SIG for repairs, and any repair costs would still put me under the average price for one of these rifles. I talked with a CSR named Kyle who arranged for me to ship the rifle to New Hampshire. Kyle was extremely helpful, professional, and answered every question directly and honestly. He told me if the issues weren’t a factory defect I would have to pay for the repair. I sent the rifle off the next day and waited impatiently.

10 days later I get an email that my rifle was on its way back with the defects corrected. I got the rifle 4 days later, and now I’m roughly a thousand rounds deep without any issues. The best part was that SIG charged me 31 dollars and some change to ship the rifle, and that was it. SIG never billed me for repairs. While I generally feel a rifle that sells for over a grand should be defect free from the factory, I gotta give it up to SIG for making it right, and doing it quickly, and professionally.