Blitzkrieg Components has partnered with KynShot to develop a game-changing new 9mm AR-15 hydraulic buffer. Taming the violent direct blowback forces in the 9mm system, it turns your 9mm AR carbine into the smooth-running, soft-recoiling, fast-shooting precision tool it always wanted to be. Most impressive: It comes with a limited warranty: 10 years or one million rounds.

The Blitzkrieg Components AR-15 Hydraulic Buffer is designed for AR-15 rifles with a collapsible stock. It has a hydraulically dampened piston which absorbs the shock from the bolt carrier’s rearward motion. It prevents bolt bounce as the new cartridge is chambered. Hydraulics will prolong the service life of your parts and still outlast your gun.

One warm summer night in 1981, Marine and genius firearms designer Maxwell Atchisson was drinking a Coors beer, listening to “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” by Pat Benatar thinking about the XM177E1. (How many times have you ever seen Marine and genius in the same sentence?)

Colt XM-177E2
Colt XM-177E2

While the XM177’s CDI factor (Chicks Dig It) was off the charts, it wasted a lot of energy as flash and noise. It got very dirty quickly and the ballistics on the 10.5 inch barrel left a lot to be desired. As the song changed to “Free Bird” he realized that the XM177 needed to be redesigned in 9mm. (Warning: This historical reenactment may not be completely accurate.) He was a genius and could just do stuff like that. His 9mm gun was a closed-bolt, simple blowback-operated submachine gun.


The simplicity of blowback guns has always interested me. Since most of these designs are full auto, most shooters don’t encounter them. I thought this quote regarding blowback-operated guns was profound:


“In the larger sense, blowback might well be considered a special form of gas operation. This is reasonable because the cartridge case may be conceived of as a sort of piston driven by the powder gases. Actually, blowback involves so many special problems that it is best considered to be in a class by itself.” —George M. Chinn