What we thought was posturing has now escalated to live firing exercises. Yesterday, SOFREP reported that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had moved forward with her plan to visit Taiwan amidst warnings from China that they would be resolute in their response.

In a separate report here at SOFREP, we also noted how the US Navy had stationed the USS Ronald Raegan around the South China Sea, with supporting battleships as the USS Tripoli moved near the Southern part of Taiwan.

Though tensions are high, Pelosi released a statement saying the US administration is committed to supporting Taiwan’s democracy. She concluded her visit yesterday, saying, “America’s determination to preserve democracy, here in Taiwan and around the world, remains ironclad.” However, the US administration still acknowledges the one-China policy but allows for informal relations with Taipei.

However, within hours of Pelosi arriving in Taiwan, the Taiwan Defense Ministry claimed they were allegedly targeted by Chinese cyberattacks, crashing three official government websites.