Russia’s making mistakes all over, and they’re doing it together with Iran this time.

Iranian personnel are now being sent to Russia for more intensive training after failed deployment of their “Kamikaze” drones. Unlike the HIMARS, which has used the war as the best marketing platform, the Shahed-136s were missing their targets. A Senior US official said that the Russians were erroneously operating the multi-million dollar drones they purchased from Iran. John F. Kirby, a National Security Council official, also said in a briefing that Iran trainers were being sent to Crimea after noticing “operator and system failures early on.”

“Either they weren’t being piloted appropriately and properly and were failing to reach targets,” Mr. Kirby said. “Or the systems themselves were suffering failures and not performing to the standards that, apparently, the customers expected. So the Iranians decided to move in some trainers and some technical support to help the Russians use them with better lethality.”

Because the drones were not landing where they should be, the Ukrainians retrieved some of them, and the US has also started an analysis of the drones. According to the latest investigation, the Shahed unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) were trying to target Kyivs core power structures and killed four civilians. A Ukrainian official said that drones were being launched from three military bases in Crimea and one from Belarus.