The Situation in Gaza

On November 7, the situation in the Gaza Strip remained tense, with several confrontations reported between Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and Palestinian groups. In the northern area of the Strip, Israeli forces made incursions near the al Shati refugee camp, where they reportedly reached a residential building. This operation likely involved engagements with Palestinian militants.

The IDF also conducted operations in Beit Hanoun, where they claimed to have dismantled Hamas-operated tunnels within a residential area. Such operations are part of a broader military strategy to systematically clear territories of hostile elements, often involving intense and prolonged combat activities.

Graphics used with permission from the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

Hamas and other militant factions continued to resist the IDF’s defenses, launching counterattacks from various locations, including the al Amoudi area and near Atatra. The IDF claims to have interrupted a Hamas unit that was preparing to launch an attack from a location near al Quds Hospital, which resulted in an airstrike that caused secondary explosions, indicating possible munitions storage at the site.

Furthermore, the IDF’s forward movements towards the Tal al Hawa neighborhood have been noted, suggesting a continued push into densely populated areas, which typically complicates military operations due to the higher risk of civilian casualties and the urban combat environment.