To tee the Monday off, SOFREP’s SITREP highlights the liberation of two communities in the south of Ukraine, including Kherson Oblast.

President Volodomyr Zelensky announced Sunday that they had positive progress in the Kherson region after their counteroffensive campaign last week.

“[The] Ukrainian flags are returning to the places where they should be,” Zelensky said.

However, Ukraine’s military is urging their officials and military leaders to avoid speaking with the media as they tread carefully with mission-sensitive information that could make it or break it for the Russians. Videos and images of the Ukrainian military and locals pulling up the Ukrainian flag have spread through social media.

An official in Zelensky’s office, Kyrlo Tymoshenko, posted a photo of the Ukrainian flag on top of a residential rooftop in the village of Vysokopilia in Southern Kherson, a region seized by the Russian forces in March. This is about 90 miles from the provincial capital.