It seems that Russia is ready to stoop its lowest low after they couldn’t fight a square fight with the Ukrainians, who had successfully cut down their supply chain when the Crimea bridge was blasted last week.

The heaviest wave of missile attacks hit ten cities in Ukraine, damaging civilian infrastructure, apartment buildings, and houses. One of the waves of rocket attacks reached Kyiv, killing at least five civilians, according to Ukrainian police. This attack also damaged the city’s power and other services.

Russia also attacked Lviv, west of Mykolaiv. Projectiles show the attacks intended to hit civilian homes as well as energy facilities, especially since “winter is coming.”

After bombs attacked the center, Ukrainian citizens were instructed to take shelter. For others, they hid in secure bomb shelters, while many went to the Teatralna Square metro station. It has been reported that the station is filled with civilians since 8 a.m. Ukraine local time.

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The city of Kyiv is filled with cars exploding because of impact. Firefighters hurried to salvage as many cars as possible and diffused further spread of fire. They also helped in rescuing civilians who were not given any warning before the barrage of missiles was seen flying over the city’s skies last night.

One Ukrainian, Aleksandr Shevchenko, shared his experiences and said that he heard an “unreal sound,” and he just realized his car was collapsing on him.

“I was able to get out an lie down near a wall. It was terrifying. I’m calm now.”

Another round of strikes happened in the following hours, smashing a residential building to ashes. Firefighters were seen helping clueless, traumatized citizens, with some covered in blood. Another man, Aleksandr, was seen sitting in a destroyed bus while his hand was covered in blood. Aleksandr said he was just about to take shelter when a rocket landed near the road.

“It’s nothing, it’s just a scratch. I’ll take some aspirin,” he said.

Just hours ago, the Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Hannah Malar released an official statement saying the attacks happened from 6:20 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. (local Ukraine time), where the Russians released missile strikes in Lviv, Dnipro, areas in the Caspian Sea, Nizhyn, Zhytomyr, lower Novgorod int he cities of Kyiv, Pryluki and Khmelnytsky.

The attack was also heavily felt by families with children. For most Ukrainian children, this is the first time they have experienced explosions. Families started evacuating children to Europe, while those who were in school during the morning had their teachers guide them to school basements.

“We are in the basement with children since morning,” said Olena Yurchenko.

Teachers said they tried to distract the kids as much as they could.

“They wrote a math test and now watch movies.”

The ministry has accounted for 77 missiles being unleased during this time period. It was reported that Iranian “Kamikazee” Shahed-136 was used during the attack.

Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelensky calls for the world to join their rally against Russia and call it a terrorist state.

Ukraine will win this war. We can liberate our entire land, and we can put the terrorist state in place. Russia must be punished for terror. Only this guarantees that the confrontation will not grow to an even greater scale and will not spread to other countries.

But for this we must preserve the maximum unity – the unity of all the people of the world who value peace, respect the right to life for everyone and are honest enough to admit: the constant terror against the civilian population is an obvious Russian refusal to engage in real negotiations.

Therefore, official designation of Russia as a terrorist state is needed – designation at all levels.

It is necessary to limit any economic contacts with any Russian subjects – you cannot be a sponsor of terrorism.

Russia’s retaliation strategy seemed to be rooted in hurting as many civilians as possible instead of facing Ukrainian infantry head-on.