Ukrainians began the week with a stronger counteroffensive in efforts to liberate Russian-occupied territories. The ground forces have started to push in Eastern Kharkiv Oblast, gearing towards Luhansk over the weekend. Over the past 48 hours, the Ukrainians have successfully moved past Russian forces after a confrontation in Petropavlivka and Synkivka.

According to the Institute of the Study of War, the Ukrainian forces also advanced towards the Kupyansk-Petropavlivka region and had conducted reconnaissance-in-force in Zahorukivka.

Kharkiv Battle Map Draft
(Source: Institute of the Study of War)

Luhansk People’s Republic (LNR) militia representative Andrei Marochko also confirmed that the Ukrainian forces had successfully crossed the Luhansk border towards an undisclosed location. However, Marochko also said the Russians attacked the Ukrainian forces as they crossed the border. But since the Ukrainians are making waves in their aggressive push, Russian sources claim that this has rattled their forces furthermore.

Then, on Monday, the Ukrainian forces conducted a blitz offensive and made gains in the south, finally recapturing the area of Lyman, a pivotal rail hub and gateway to the Donbas region. And now that they control Lysychansk, an area that Russians seized a couple months back, the Ukrainians are claiming stronger bases for them to push Russian soldiers outside the region. Aside from cutting off their supply chain, the Ukrainians are now recapturing whole Russian bases in the Donbas region. As of writing, the troops are looking to completely liberate Donbas from the Ukrainians, but of course, Russians would not take this sitting down.