As SOFREP has reported in the past 24 hours, Ukrainian Ground Forces are on the move for their offensive in Kherson and Crimea.

The British Defense Ministry reported that the Ukrainian armored forces continued their assault on Russia’s Southern Grouping Forces on several axes “across the south of the country since Monday.” And in the past two days, they have expected the push to be successful. Ukrainian officials support this notion, saying their forces have seen an uptick in the fighting around Kherson. However, Department of Defense’s Brigadier General Pat Ryder is doubtful of the scope of the Kherson attack. Another Ukrainian official speaking on the condition of anonymity claimed that their Kherson push was way too strong to be called a counteroffensive. This person added that it was beyond a “normal operation.”

According to the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), the Russian Offensive Campaign focused on intensified strikes.

Ukrainian forces have long undertaken efforts to destroy Russian ground lines of communication (GLOCs) prior to the announcement of the counteroffensive operation, which likely indicates that Ukrainian forces are committed to a long-term effort – composed of both strikes and ground assaults. Ukrainian strikes on Russian GLOCs disrupt the Russians’ ability to supply and reinforce their positions with manpower and equipment, which will assist Ukrainian ground counteroffensives. Satellite imagery shows that Russian forces are continuing to use ferries to transfer a limited amount of military equipment daily via the Dnipro River.”