Ukrainian paratroopers have shared their experiences of the conflict in the city of Kreminna, noting that they are relying on their wits rather than sheer numbers to come out victorious in the battle.

According to the Institute for the Study of War, Russian forces have assembled a unified force by taking personnel from other locations in the theater to compensate for the decreasing strength of regular military units in the Svatove-Kreminna region.

The Ukrainian airborne soldiers in KREMINNA, Ukraine, have just one term to depict the unceasing Russian infantry forces putting pressure on their lines in and around the Donbas city.

One soldier, who requested to remain anonymous due to military rules, commented that the troops are sent off to likely perish in the first wave, and the more experienced personnel enter the fray if they succeed in breaching the enemy’s lines.

The Russian penetration of Ukraine has been ongoing for eleven months, and the violence in Kreminna is as severe as it is 80 kilometers away in Bakhmut.

However, interviews with Ukrainian troops and reports from Russian military bloggers on Telegram and other sources show that the violence is still as brutal and persistent. Moreover, it is uncertain how long it will persist, though one Ukrainian official has stated that Kreminna is on the brink of being retaken by Ukrainian forces.

Even though they outnumber them, Ukrainian forces have reported that Russia is quickly depleting their infantry by deploying inexperienced personnel with “zero strategy or planning.”

“In the case of the Kharkiv offensive, they were more dispersed. Now they are very focused. There are a lot of them,” another soldier said in an interview.