With tensions mounting along the Ukrainian-Russian border for the past few months, it’s important to know what Russian weapons there are to keep us all informed. The Russians sure have been busy developing what they believe will be decisive weapons in any conflict with the West. 

We know there are 100,000 plus Russian troops along the Ukraine border and those units are exercising and posturing in Belarus. Here are some of new Russian weapons that they will threaten NATO with if hostilities were to break out.

Project Skyfall

Skyfall is such a catchy name if we say so ourselves, but catchy names don’t win wars. In that case, let’s see why Skyfall makes it into this list.

SSC-X-9-Skyfall is the NATO name for the Russian-made 9M730 Burevestnik, an experimental nuclear-powered cruise missile first mentioned by Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2018. What makes it so special? For starters, it has an unlimited range… well, allegedly has an unlimited range. 

Its 2019 missile test was deemed a success. However, reports surfaced that it had failed to stay up in the air for longer than 2 minutes. Of course, we can assume that the Russians have done some work on its nuclear-propulsion system and made their flight times longer.

The Kremlin has continually developed its own line of intercontinental-rang nuclear-powered cruise missiles since the 1960s to counter the Reagan Administration’s Strategic Defense Initiative. Apart from the fact that it has unlimited range, it was also said to have the ability to evade missile defenses, making it difficult to shoot down. Russian claims along these lines should be taken with a large salt mine in Crimea.

Putin described the weapon to be “…the most advanced and unparalleled technical ideas and solutions about weapons design to ensure Russia’s sovereignty and security for decades to come.”