Fort Sill in Oklahoma is set to host Joint Counter Small Unmanned Aircrafts University to train troops against proliferating drone threats.

The United States Army has taken a significant step in confronting the rapidly evolving threat of drones by inaugurating the Joint Counter Small Unmanned Aircrafts University.

Located at Fort Sill in Oklahoma, this state-of-the-art academy is dedicated to developing and imparting the skills required to combat the increasing use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) on today’s dynamic battlefield.

The urgency of this endeavor is highlighted by the ever-escalating drone usage in warfare, particularly in conflict zones such as Ukraine.

With cutting-edge systems and a commitment to rapid innovation, this institution aims to empower Soldiers with the knowledge and tools needed to counter hostile drones effectively.

Furthermore, the opening of this university represents a pivotal shift in the US military’s approach to drone warfare—emphasizing not only the operation of sophisticated UAVs but also mitigating the risks posed by enemy drones.

A Response to the Drone Onslaught

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine, where both sides reportedly lose thousands of drones each month, has necessitated a change in how the military approaches drone warfare.