So in the last month, I’ve had the Sneaky Bag’s Covert Rifle bag I’ve been on two road trips. Do I personally need a rifle everywhere I go? No, but it’s a great way to test the bag, how well it disguises your gun, and how durable it is. The Covert Rifle Bag comes in three different sizes, and this particular model is the small model. It is perfectly capable of carrying a full sized modern defensive rifle like the SCAR 16s or AR 15.


On the road with the Sneaky Bag’s Covert Rifle Bag

So the first road trip was a short one, and one overnight stay over two long days. We checked into a hotel and I carried the bag from the parking lot to my room without a cross look. The bag was protective of the SCAR 16s, aka my precious. The rifle itself was topped with an optic and had a magazine in place. The bag is wide enough to fit a fully equipped rifle with ease.

Slung on the Seat

The second road trip was a bit longer and had me staying at a friend’s house. Even he, a veteran and fellow gun guy, didn’t realize what the bag was. He even unloaded it from the car when I arrived. The overall design simply isn’t what one expects from a ‘gun’ bag. There is no mag pouches, no external MOLLE, or other tactical giveaways. The bag is very simple, and resembles something more suited for camping or holding a musical instrument. The external appearance is very simple and the bungees allow you to strap a jacket or hoodie to the bag to disguise it even more.

Why can’t I use a duffel bag?

Admittedly it’s an oddly shaped bag but it really doesn’t look like anything gun related. The bag is designed to hide, and protect the gun. Any old duffle bag can conceal a gun, but they won’t protect it or make drawing it easy. The Covert Rifle bag also allows quick and easy access to your weapon. The internal design is smooth and designed to make drawing your rifle from the bag easy to do. There is nothing for your rifle to get caught on when you pull the rifle from the bag. My rifle slides in and out without issue.

I don’t live a life where pulling a long gun needs to be a smooth and drama-free affair. For armed professionals like private security or police forces, the access to a long gun can save lives. Getting delayed over some kind of strap catching a front sight isn’t issue one wants to have when a rifle is needed. The fact this bag can carry a rifle with a loaded magazine and optic and still be easy to retrieve could be a blessing in critical situations

Sneaky Bag's Covert Rifle bag

The Sneak Bag’s Covert Rifle bag itself is surprisingly big. It can fit a massive amount of different rifles. I’ve personally tested the bag with the SCAR 16S, your everyday AR 15, a CZ Scorpion rifle, and SIG 556R rifle and AK pattern rifles. With the SIG 556R and AK pattern rifle, you cannot mount an optic and a 30 round magazine. The longer 7.62 x 39mm magazine is a bit longer than your standard 5.56 magazine. To be clear these weapons are assembled and ready to rock and roll.

The SIG 556R would need a very small optic to fit with a 30 rd mag

But I don’t operate!

Hey, I’m not an operator either, and while these bags were designed were designed for armed professionals you’d have to be thick not to see other uses. I travel quite a bit and often bring a rifle for hunting, or competitions, or shooting at a friend’s house and I like a way to store my firearms. The Sneaky Bag’s Covert Rifle Bag is a method to safely carry firearms and accessories. It’s also discrete as not to panic the normies, as well as keep thieving eyes away.

For the Prepper and Survivalist communities, you can have a bug out gun bag. It’s big enough to hold a few guns and extra ammo. Like a regular bug out bag, it can stay loaded and ready for you to grab and go. Just for fun, I tossed in my ‘survival guns’. They all just happen to be folding guns. Including a Kel Tec Sub 2000, my Tri-Star Folding shotgun, and my Chiappa Little badger, a folding 22 LR.

Sneaky Bag's Covert Rifle Bag
Prepper Loadout

Take away the fact the bag is designed to be Covert. Looking at it as just a soft case for a gun and comparing it to competition. This bag compares pretty well to the competition. It’s well built and is unique because its designed to be carried like a backpack. The internals are divided to protect multiple guns and the bag is deceivingly big. It’s also proven to be pretty strong and weather resistant as it’s been tossed in and out of my truck with reckless abandon.

All the Folded Guns makes a compact carry package

The roomy Covert Rifle Bag

I was actually really surprised by the amount of gear I could fit in the Covert rifle bag without making it looked stuffed. I could fit two smaller weapons like a Kel Tec Sub 2000 and my Scorpion carbine in the bag. There is a divided in the pack that keeps the weapons from bumping into each other.

You can fit an AR 15 in the kit with a 16-inch barrel and collapsible stock. It’s a very tight fit, but it works. Padded stocks, and certain length stocks will not work. For example my standard M4 stock does, but my B5 stock will not.

My favorite loadout is a 5.56 rifle and the Blue Force Gear Plate Minus carries in the main pack. The plate carrier is slick and has soft armor inserted. The secondary pouch has enough room to fit a Blue Force Gear Ten Speed Vicker’s chest rig and 4 loaded magazines, with a Trauma kit, and a thigh rig with full sized handgun.

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The Combat Loadout

This Zombie fighting loadout is perfectly complimented by three more magazines and a handgun in my Sneaky Bags S.U.B. The secondary pouch has a section that combines of MOLLE and hook and loop material to mount accessories.

The bag itself can fit a wide variety of rifles and gear, and a few of the loadouts I came up with are below.

Sneaky Bags Covert Rifle Bag
Pistol Caliber Carbine Supremacy




Standard 9mm AR 15. Its a tight fit


Sneaky Bags Covert rifle bag
A belt with two Colt SMG mags, the Emerson PUK and a CZ 75
The Combat Loadout


The Sneaky bag’s covert rifle bag is extremely well made. The bottom of the bag is actually has a plastic insert. This insert keeps the sharp edges of a muzzle device from tearing up the bottom of the bag. Some muzzle devices can be quite aggressive and would tear a hole through a lesser bag. My SCAR 16s has a pretty aggressive muzzle device, and it hasn’t even scratch the bottom of the bag. I would take a photo, but I tried and getting to the bottom of the Sneaky Bag’s Covert Rifle bag and getting a photo wasn’t possible.

Handy little pocket at the top

The zippers are YKK and can be locked if that is a concern. Overall the use of 1000D Nylon is a wise choice for water resistance and it is a tough and tear resistant material. The Sneaky Bag’s Covert Rifle bag features three straps. Two are backpack style that allows heavy loads to be comfortably carried or secured over a truck or car seat. These two straps are padded and are comfortable for extended carry. The third strap is just a simple one handed top carry strap. The main straps can be converted into a single strap carry option via attachments on the top and bottom of the bag. All the straps are reinforced via heavy stitching.


Covert transportation

Different people have different needs. Some folks have a genuine need to disguise weaponry, and to carry is a discreet manner in situations where their lives depend on it. A lot of us aren’t armed professionals. (Anymore) Most of us do have a need for a covert method of transportation for long guns. Covert being necessary to prevent thieves from targeting us, and from the gun ignorant from panicking as we travel to and fro. The bag itself well made enough to be a trusted method of carrying rifles, covert or not. The Sneaky bag’s Covert Rifle bag is very simple but does what it’s designed to do, which is offer a method of covert rifle carry.