Ruger seemingly snuck in a variety of new revolver models onto their webpage. Typically we see a press release, or a social media release but so far I’ve seen neither. I just happened to receive a text from a friend telling me Ruger was bringing back the SP 101 in 9mm. The SP 101 is a tank made for 357 Magnums, so it’ll handle 9mm fine. I wanted to investigate myself, and then stumbled onto a variety of new Ruger Revolvers.


The New Ruger Revolvers

The other line of Ruger Revolvers that updated is the LCRx  line. I own and love my LCR 9mm, so I’m excited to see the LCRx line grow. The LCRx line is of course the LCR with an exposed hammer. The new line up includes a 22 WMR, a 327 Federal Magnum, a 9mm, and a 22 WMR with the 3 inch barrel.

Personally I’m excited to see the 327 Federal magnum and Ruger extending the 3 inch barrel line just a bit. If they’d just make a 3 inch LCRx in 357 Magnum I’d have to jump on one as a compact kit gun. Even the 9mm model would be an interesting conversation piece.