Over the last few months, US Special Operations Command units of all branches of the military have been getting Glock 19s.  Numerous reports state that Naval Special Warfare Command, MARSOC and AFSOC  have been issued the Glock 19.

Elements of Army SOF have used the Glock 22 for years and are now getting the Glock 19.  Army Special Forces Groups have received shipments of Glock 19s for issue.

The major asset of the Glock 19 is simplicity.  It has few parts, can be taken down with just a punch.  While highly reliable and easy to maintain, it has good accuracy and effectiveness.

The Glock 19 has a lot to offer in a compact package, and is by far the most popular platform Glock makes. The Glock 17 is the full size variant of the 9mm, the Glock 19 is essentially the same, just a bit smaller package; shorter barrel and two less rounds in the magazine. The Glock 19 will be an outstanding platform for SOCOM for the next 20 years.

The problems with the US military’s Beretta 92’s are well known.  In spite of firearms evolution, SOCOM seems enamored with the 30 year old Glock 19.  The Glock 19 is a NATO standard handgun used by our allies.

The U.S. Army remains committed to the Modular Handgun System program despite high costs, low performance and heavy criticism.  The Army’s Chief of Staff General Mark Milley has publicly complained about the Army’s broken procurement system.

In private, General Milley’s staff has asked the Army Special Operations Command’s G-8 office (responsible for procuring new equipment) about the possibility of the Army joining the contract to buy Glock 19s.  This kind of contract sharing is common with federal law enforcement.

Glock’s most popular handgun, the Glock 19 retails for around $500. Reportedly, USASOC is currently paying about $320 for each. At that price, the Army could buy the required 287,000 pistols for about$91.8 million.  The  Modular Handgun program is projected to cost $350 million.

Predicting how the Army will behave, but hear me now and believe me later, There is a very real possibility that the entire US Army will switch completely to Glock followed by the other services would follow suit. It would be a huge victory for soldiers and taxpayers.

I a related story, both the FBI and DHS have solicitations to buy new 9mm handguns in the next year.  Both agencies now authorize Glocks and many agents are openly campaigning for Glock 19.

Next year might get very busy at the Glock factory in Smyrna Georgia.

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Featured image courtesy of  Glocktalk.com;US Army Special Operations Command’s Capabilities Exercise. 04-24-2012