Here we have one of Geo Hand’s prized photographs. He included it in an article he wrote for SOFREP back in 2019.

As usual, these photos bear a bit of explanation. The guy in the maroon/purplish-colored tie is Radovan Karadžić, AKA “The Butcher of Sarajevo,” AKA “The Big Hair.”  He was responsible for the massacre of thousands of Muslim civilians in Bosnia.

the big hair
Karadžić, “The Big Hair.” ‘Nuff said.

Back to our guy in the ’90s sunglasses. Meet the Reverend Chill-D. The story goes that he acquired his Delta moniker after he suddenly and without explanation found Jesus…for about a week or so. Then I guess he lost him, but the name stuck. We don’t know much about the Reverend Chill-D, except for the fact that he really liked mashed potatoes. To learn more about that, you’ll have to catch our story on SOFREP tomorrow.

This particular photo of the Reverend was taken in Pale, Bosnia, within spitting distance of Radovan Karadžić just days before he was indicted by the Hague for war crimes.  Karadžić that is, not the Reverend Chill-D.

Delta, DEVGRU, and SAS Worked Together in Bosnia To Catch War Criminals