For today’s SOF Pic of the Day, we serve up two Delta Operators.  On the left-hand side of our photo, we have The Grinch (not his real name) standing beside the legend that was Tom Greer, AKA Dalton Fury. You might recall that I wrote about Major Greer about a week ago. Unfortunately, he passed away from pancreatic cancer back in 2016 at the age of 52. God always takes the good ones too soon.

A couple of years ago, former Delta operator and SOFREP wordsmith Geo Hand introduced Grinch in a piece he wrote called Heavy Breach Cell: The Secret Weapon of Delta Force.  He writes of how Grinch, frustrated that an enormous concrete plug was still stuck in a wall after burrowing three feet through it with a gigantic core cutter, strapped a 4 by 4 piece of lumber onto the front of a truck and rammed it hard enough to pop it out.

You’ll have to read Geo’s account of it to get the full effect.  He did go on to describe what the men did with the newly made hole:

We pipe-hitters threw breaching gear away, snatched our gats forward, flung a baker’s bushel of bangers into the gaping hole, and started pouring through the tunnel in the wall, heads-first, spitting lead.

By all accounts, he recalls, it was a good day to be in Delta.