Date: Unknown

Location: Somewhere cold and wet

Much remains classified about the DELTA selection process. One thing that is not so secret is the fact that candidates are put through many rigors, most of them designed to make see how the candidates perform under varying levels of unpleasantness.

This pic is from the personal archives of SOFREP’s own George E. Hand IV. Geo has been kind enough to share some of these pics with us over the years. They often provide a glimpse into the fun-fest that is part of the DELTA selection process.

You can tell how close a man is to his limits by looking deep into his eyes.  The candidate pictured here is getting there, but I’m guessing he had a bit to go yet.

Geo, who actually took the pic knows the inside story. To quote him, he says the guy is “Lost and whipped.”

Yep, he certainly appears to be both.