Date: Unknown

Place: Undisclosed

Editor’s Note: If you are reading this, more likely than not, you realize that SOFREP’s own George Hand has had a legendary career as an Army Special Forces soldier and 1st SFOD-D operator. For any of you civilian types out there, that means he was a Green Beret and Delta Operator.  

He’s also one hell of a human being and had been kind enough to share several photos with us over the years.  

This particular image first appeared in SOFREP in 2017. To quote Geo, “I took this photo in the side-view mirror of my truck. Rigors of Delta Selection clearly visible.

You can’t see this guy’s face, but you can feel his pain. Rest assured, he is not done with his journey and probably has miles more of wet mud and cold to endure.  

The hell of it is, even if you make it through all that, there is no guarantee you’ll be selected. –GDM