Today, we feature a US Navy SEAL participating in Operation Polar Dagger at Eareckson Air Station, Alaska.


Operation Polar Dagger

Operation Polar Dagger was a military exercise conducted by the United States Special Operations Command North in the Alaskan Arctic and Subarctic regions, including areas such as Shemya, Attu, and St. Lawrence Islands, between August 15 and September 10, 2023. This exercise demonstrated joint special operations forces’ rapid deployability and capabilities in Arctic conditions.

The operation encompassed a series of exercises to test and validate the Arctic Special Operations Forces’ capabilities. The exercises were designed to hone the skills necessary to operate in harsh and austere environments, counter adversary threats, and coordinate with allies and partners. The US Navy SEALs, among other special operations forces, were prominently involved in this exercise, performing operations in the frigid environments off Alaska in the Bering Sea.

Operation Polar Dagger marked a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts of the US military to secure its interests in the Arctic. The operation successfully showcased the capabilities of special forces and emphasized the importance of a multi-domain approach to modern warfare. Additionally, the operation took place near Russia, specifically on St. Lawrence Island in the Bering Sea and Shemya Island in Alaska’s Aleutian chain, following Russian military aircraft activity near Alaska. This aspect of the operation aimed to demonstrate the joint capabilities of the US Air Force, Navy, and special operations forces in the Arctic in light of rising regional tensions.