Another image plucked from deep within a stack of old dusty photos at the SOFREP archives. In the front row, clutching his omnipresent mug, is former Delta operator and SOFREP writer Geo Hand. The other four gentlemen shown were Delta as well. To Geo’s right is Chris W., and to his right is Brian P. In the back row, from the left and standing tall, we have Gaetano “Guy” (or “Guido”) Cutino and Mark “Cos” S.

Geo wrote a heartfelt memorial to his friend and colleague back in 2015. You can read that complete piece here.

What follows is an excerpt:

On my last three-month trip to Bosnia, in my 20th year of service in the U.S. Army, a well-respected brother of mine approached me as I sat at the only laptop computer with email for contacting back home. “Chik, do you have a minute? I need to talk to you outside.” Of course I had a minute. Once outside, he spoke. “George, Guy Cutino died in a helo assault last night. He was struck in the head by a rotor from a MH-6.”