I hope you had a great Xmas and holiday break – which I hope for you is on-going until the new year. Myself, among of series of gifts one thing that might be interesting to you is the Fitbit Charge 2. Honestly, I like it. It’s connected with some other apps and monitors by heart rate throughout the day, my sleep, and is a conduit to keep necessary data in one place. Personally, I don’t need a great Garmin that keeps complex data and a whole tool set of other options. I think you can still train to your heart’s desire without adopting an olympian’s routine. More to follow on the Fitbit as I continue to use it and as we progress on SOFREP’s PT we’ll discover if the Fitbit holds up. Because the training will eventually become more complex as we enter the new year.


1) Run 4 miles

1st mile at a conversational pace,

2nd and 3rd mile at your maximum but sustainable pace,

and 4th mile at a conversational pace but stride out of the last half mile and make life difficult for yourself.

2) 3 rounds:

1st round: 25 pull ups, 25 dips