The Fuerzas Especiales, often abbreviated as FES and colloquially known as Cuachicqueh or Quachics, is a distinguished Special Missions Unit under the Mexican Navy, officially founded in 2001.

Emerging from the ashes of a previous elite faction known as Fuerzas Especiales del Alto Mando or FES-AM (formerly recognized as Grupo de Alto Impacto or GAI), the FES now operates under the banner of the Naval Special Warfare Command as a component of the UNOPES or Unidad de Operaciones Especiales.

Living by the mantra “Fuerza, Espíritu, Sabiduría” – translating to “Strength, Spirit, Wisdom” – FES stands as a testament to its naval prowess and dedication. Their insignia captures their naval heritage with an anchor, which is complemented by wings. At its center is a vibrant black and blue shield that bears a dynamic lightning bolt and the unit’s initials, underscoring their swift and impactful operations.

FES insignia
FES Insignia


The FES stands as an internationally recognized maritime Special Missions Unit. Their stellar reputation comes from their extensive involvement in combating drug trafficking, their exceptional operational aptitude, and the rigorous training regimen they undergo both locally and internationally. They’ve received training from elite counterparts across the world, notably in countries like the United States, Spain, and Israel.