The SOFIC Conference is over and the turnout, especially on Tuesday, was heavy. The conference is a fantastic display of weapons, equipment and nice to have gadgets for the Special Operations Forces on not just the United States but others as well. While it is billed as a gathering for US personnel, there was a smattering of other countries uniforms as well.

If you are a guy that loves the latest in weaponry, communications, equipment, and virtual reality components as well, then SOFIC is like Disneyland on steroids. Except for these are toys for big boys, and you don’t need a CGI artist to make them come to life. These pieces of equipment are the real deal and it won’t be long until you see some of them come to life on CNN or Fox News…or if you are a subscriber on SOFREP.

It’s like a supermarket for Navy SEALs. A grocery store for Green Berets. A Costco for commandoes.

It’s a conference for military special operations forces and their gadgets, weapons and tools. The Special Operations Forces Industry Conference is held yearly in Tampa. Here, the U.S. Special Operations Command — the Tampa-based unit that oversees all of the nation’s elite military teams — shops for equipment.