Last Friday evening SOFREP hosted its first virtual whiskey event with Angel’s Envy, the Kentucky brand that’s making waves across the bourbon scene. The event garnered a lot of attention from SOFREP readers with the 100 virtual seats for the event filling up in a matter of hours and leading to a waitlist of another 100 guests. 

Kicking off at 9 p.m. EST, the event covered the history of the brand, a guide to tasting bourbon, glassware recommendations, and even suggestions for bourbon-based cocktails. 

The event was led by Angel’s Envy ambassador and NYC bartender extraordinaire Chris Corbin. Originally from San Diego, Chris got his first bartending job in Dublin, Ireland in 2000. There he learned the traditions of the job from some of the best. He has bartended across three continents (Europe, Oceania, and North America), and he’s been in New York for 11 years.

The SOFREP Team and event attendees were also honored by the attendance of Angel’s Envy Co-Founder Wes Henderson. Wes’s deep love of bourbon was a fantastic highlight to the event and perfectly paired with his insider knowledge about the goings-on inside the distillery. Attendees enjoyed personal anecdotes from Wes as well as some secrets behind the label and what’s coming down the pike from the company.  

Attendees were able to participate via chat and Q&A features while Chris and Wes talked through three different expressions from the brand. But it wasn’t all virtual: attendees were able to purchase a specially engraved bottle of Angel’s Envy for the event so they could taste along from the comfort of their man caves. 

Due to the overwhelming interest in the event and the robust turnout, SOFREP and Angel’s Envy have decided to team up once more for a second virtual event which will take place on November 20th at 9 p.m. EST. Sign up below to reserve your place on the list. 

Sign up for the November 20th event here.