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Today’s Featured Offering

Swift, silent, and deadly. Submarines have fascinated us for well over 100 years.

Our featured offering from the SOFREP Book Club today is Silent Service: Submarine Warfare From World War II to the Present by Philip Kaplan

From the ingenious but impractical designs of seventeenth-century inventors to the nuclear-powered submarines of today, this heavily illustrated volume traces the history of the silent force and the elite corps of men who fought and often died beneath the waves. Though fully describing the development of the submarine, this book’s primary focus is on the men who served from World War I through the Cold War. Drawing upon journals, memoirs, and interviews with submariners of the past and present, Philip Kaplan paints a vivid portrait of their lives and experiences. He describes the terrors of waiting for depth charges to explode, the triumph of a torpedo striking its target, and the fascinating world of day-to-day life on the sleek, modern boats.

Screenshot of a World War II submarine courtesy of YouTube and Periscope Films

With nearly 250 photographs and dozens of interviews, comprising part of an eight-book series exploring the history of tanks, bombers, and fighter planes, this oversized keepsake volume will appeal to anyone who has served in submarines or been fascinated by this unique service within a service.

One of More Than a Thousand Titles

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