We’re excited to announce that the latest addition to the SOFREP Books collection: A Way Forward, My Years in The Marine Corps, is now available for purchase on Amazon.

In this autobiographical memoir, Christian Dattwyler will take you on his journey from a humble, innocent childhood in the Westchester suburbs of New York City to his early high school years filled with introductions to drugs and hard drinking.

Published by SOFREP Books
Christian Dattwyler, author of ‘A Way Forward, My Years in the Marine Corps,’ published by SOFREP Books.

A Way Forward, My Years in The Marine Corps reveals how a Marine recruiter pulls out every old trick in the book to compel Christian to sign his life toward four years of government service. The memoir proceeds to delve into his mind and thoughts as he experiences hard as nails Marine recruit training at Parris Island, completes his ‘Grunt’ training, and is assigned to the Fleet Marine Force.

Here is an excerpt from the book: