SOFREP braved the mild to moderately chilly weather of Indianapolis in mid-April last week to bring you coverage from the 2023 National Rifle Association annual meeting and exhibits. And while I did not attend any official Association meetings, I visited hundreds of exhibits and looked at what must have been a thousand guns. You could check out everything from the tiniest micro-pistols that look like they shoot peas to the biggest, baddest Barrett caliber 5o BMG.


A big shout out to one of our newest SOFREP 300 partners, Barrett Firearms. Keep an eye out for a future article featuring yours truly banging on the long gun at one of their corporate training sessions.

Above is the Barrett M107A1 50 BMG recoil-operated, semi-automatic rifle for when you absolutely, positively have to reach out and demolish a target from a couple of thousand yards away. The barrel is 29″ long and features a twist rate of 1:15″. The firearm’s overall length is an impressive 57,” and it weighs in at 28.7 lbs. As Matthew Broderick said of the Ferrari featured in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, “If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.” It’s number one on my Christmas list this year.